say "yes" to everything.


During and after the devastating loss of my brother in November 2016, I was faced with the reality of the fragility of life.  I was thrust into a club of loss of which I had never signed up for the membership.  This new found actuality was a dark place to reside and I was blessed with the support and love of countless others who extended a hand in support.


The synchronicities that followed became an integral part of my spiritual journey. As the darkness lifted, I began to say "yes" to everything and the opportunities flooded through! I deepened my relationship with myself and others, embraced the new connection I had with my brother and became a life coach.  

I began talking with others about the importance of living their legacy today and not waiting until their time of transition to show their greatness. 


I began creating hand crafted jewelry acting as a touchstone reminder to live your legacy each day.  Through coaching and courageous conversations, these messages are unveiled and the humble brag is born. 

I arrive at this place of great peace with a simple intention to now extend my hand to another who simply wants to tell their story. The world needs your greatness. Say 'yes".

The Joy Bus

I am proud to be a supporter of The Joy Bus, a Phoenix organization that delivers meals to home bound cancer patients. A portion of all our services, products and even the spare change we find in the car goes to this incredible mission serving our brave neighbors nutritionally rich meals. 

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